Caesar: 2016

Tires and Chassis

Our first robot, Caesar, was designed and built for the FIRST
robotics 2016 stronghold competition. Caesar is a low-riding robot,
with a compact design to enable it to fit under the “low bar”
obstacle, which was only 14 inches high. Caesar is driven on 6
8-inch ribbed pneumatic rubber tires (Andy Mark AM-3351) Their grip
allowed the robot to cross rough terrain. Caesar is built on the
chassis provided in the Kit of Parts, with some modifications. We
upgraded the chassis using the Andy Mark AM14U3 kit, which allowed
for a wider chassis to accommodate 8” tires (larger than the 6”
tires provided in the original kit). The wheels are driven by 4 2.5” CIM motors (AM-0255).

Shooting Mechanism

Casesar uses an articulating arm allowing for the driver to adjust angle of the shooter arm. The articulation is controlled by a CIM motor (AM-0255) connected to a versaplanetary gear box (VEX 217-3563) two 10:1 gear

kits (VEX 217-2820) and a 24-tooth gear (VEX 217-2704). The gear mates with a 48-tooth gear (VEX 217-3218) mounted on a hex rod. A limit switch is used was used to stop the upward motion of the arm.